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Getting new clients and customers is how business thrive. At All The Marbles Web Design and SEO, we are experts in helping you grow your business and making your phone ring and are the go to experts in Whatcom and Skagit Counties for ranking you high in GMB Maps. 

This is how the first page of Google breaks down:

Does it drive you crazy to see your competitors at the top of Google while your site seems stuck in the #5 or #6 spot (or worse)?

Do you have competitors that seem to be crushing it on Google that have lower standards, and don’t deliver nearly as good of a service as your team?

Are you SICK of being bombarded by everybody and their dog trying to sell you on some nonsense ‘digital marketing solution’?

Have you trusted a few (or more) companies to help you come up higher on Google and ended up frustrated and feeling like you threw the money out the window?

Of course, you realize it’s important to come up high on Google and your ranking impacts how many calls from potential customers you get. Most business owners don’t realize how MUCH of an impact it can have on your business.

Call Us Today and Dominate Your Competition With GMB Maps

The paid ads only get a SMALL fraction of the clicks, around 5%.

The top spot is getting approximately 31%.*

Second place gets 14%.

Third place less than 10%.

Fourth place: 9%.

Fifth place: 4%.

This means that moving from the fifth spot to the first one would multiply your website traffic by a factor of EIGHT.

Imagine taking the 2-300 visitors your website is getting now and turning that into 2,000 visitors a month (250×8).

Imagine what it would mean to your business to get eight times the numbers of calls you are getting now.

That’s life-changing. That’s bonuses for your people, new vehicles, or even a vacation.

Imagine eight times the number of phone calls you are getting now.

Paid Search Results & Click-Through Rates

Who are those 6 percent clicking on PPC ads? Women (53 percent of them) are more likely to click on paid search ads than men, who click on ads 47 percent of the time.

Age also is a factor. Younger searches are less likely to click on paid ads – 35 percent of ads are clicked on by searchers age 34 or younger. But as age increases, so does the number of people clicking on those ads, as 65 percent of ad clicks come from searchers age 35 and older.
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